When we started the M2S series, we had just realised that people make a company. After COVI-19 hit, this inherent truth was hammered in further. So, here’s us introducing you to another pivotal human behind Do Your Thng.

Getting To Know Person 6 Of DYT: Shweta

We’re feeling a little jittery as we write this. In each of our M2S Series, humour and sarcasm fight for space in every line. We didn’t even spare our Founder.

But how do you describe a person who is known to be funny with a gallon of sarcasm? There’s just no outdoing them. That’s Shweta for us. Our in-house stand-up comedian.


Understanding what it means to be transgender.

A big reason that prejudice and discrimination exist is lack of knowledge and ignorance. We tend to fear or attack the things we are unfamiliar with; and while this was a good defense measure in the early human days, the fact is that we don’t anymore. We have the capacity to understand and judge the things that go around us. And so, I am going to try and explain what it means to be transgender and hope we can all overcome any prejudices, together.

To understand the concept of being transgender, I…

Worried about designing your content swiftly? Scratching your head over using Lightroom & Canva tools/techniques? Stuck in selecting that background element?

We have all been there. You’re riddled by numerous queries in the beginning. A creator’s journey can be overwhelming for there’s no specific route but only software to choose from. So, before designing your next piece of content, bless your skills with these amazing Lightroom & Canva shortcuts to reserve time only for creativity (no blocks!).

1) Selecting Elements with COMMAND/CTRL on CANVA.

You can always take the traditional route of going to the bottom of the screen for…

These are difficult times. Difficult, desperate, demanding times. A catastrophe of sorts! The healthcare system is collapsing by the day, people are dying by the hour and hope is diminishing by the second.

Indeed it has brought us closer. Everyone is trying to help someone. And while humanity is at test and we must all face it together, there are times when you give up. There are times when you might ponder over the eventualities and the possibilities. Times when you might panic and leave everything in a jiffy. What do you do then? “Keep your spirits high”, “try and…

When your content has value, it brings more engagement, which helps rope in more brand collaborations!

What makes a content creator successful?

The ability to forge a human connection between their audience and the brand they are advocating.

How do you build that human connection?

When your values align with your followers and the brand you’re promoting. If there is no synergy between the brand and you, there is little point in collaborating. Why? Because values are the glue that holds it all together.

The Need For Value In Creator Content

The pandemic changed influencer marketing and the way creators make content. Instead of highly filtered and…

The 8th of March. Yes, Women’s Day was a Monday. And we all know what Mondays are like. Coffee, catch up with work, tea, more catch up, another coffee. Rinse, repeat.

We could barely squeeze out the time to tip our hats to content creators, killing it on social media by keeping it real. That’s not to say we didn’t celebrate. We did. Covid-style on Zoom.

A throwback to 8th March at DYT

The DYT Table seats a majority of women. So much so that the Client and Community Team, Social Media Team consists entirely of females. …

When we started the M2S series, we had just realised that people make a company. After COVID hit, this inherent truth was hammered in further. So, here’s us introducing you to another pivotal human behind Do Your Thng.

Getting To Know Person 5 Of DYT: Adesh

How do you get to know a person who became a part of the community a mere month before the world shutdown?

Through a screen.

As a result, each one of us has painted a very different picture of Adesh in our minds. One of us feels he is an endlessly happy and positive thinker. …

Gen Z (and a section of Millennials) changed consumer behaviour forever. Even buying a hair tie needed social proof. They wanted to read and see others’ experience of it before handing over their moolah.

Who were these ‘others’? Bloggers, vloggers and YouTubers. Basically, geniuses populating the obscure corners of the internet before Instagram became Instagram.

Then real social media came into being. The underlying mechanics of advertising and promoting a brand remained the same, but who was genuinely influential took a 360 turn.

What is influencer marketing?

Our founder has written about the history of influencer marketing here and explained it in detail here.

Three months back, we wrote a blog that made the bold statement: don’t be an influencer, be a brand advocate. A lot of creators agreed with it. But just as many were confused. They wanted to know what is the difference between the two.

So, with that in mind, we give you the ultimate battle — brand advocates vs influencers.

What Is The Difference Between Brand Advocates And Influencers?

Superficially, brand advocates and influencers seem similar. After all, they both refer a brand to the masses. But when you peel the onion layers, you see the difference. Many differences. …

If you live, eat, sleep social media, then you’ve heard of GameStop, Hedge Funds, Shorts and Redditors in January. That’s what anyone could talk about.

For us, it was all:

No, no we’re not getting into how the stock GameStop stock flew right out of Earth’s orbit and landed on Mars.

And yes, Elon had a lot to do with it (hail the power of a true influencer)!

We leave the financial mumbo jumbo to the more intelligent heads than us.

Or the more creative minds who abound on social media, explaining it all through a…

DYT — Do Your Thng

A marketplace democratising influence. We give every social media user a chance to live what they love & earn at the same time! link: http://bit.ly/DoYourThng

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