What To Post: Content Calendar For September 2022

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3 min readAug 24, 2022


What To Post series brings you the social media calendar for September 2022. Download it, pin it, save it, or bookmark it: just keep it handy for reference!

Just in case you’ve missed the last 3 months of the #WhatToPost series, here’s a low-down. It’s a series that offers a cheat sheet for social media content ideas every month. It’s our way of helping aspiring content creators (and anyone else) looking for September calendar ideas.

Besides listing the special days in September (read: festivals and holidays), we also include some wacky and wonderful days. So, if you’re unsure of what to post on your social accounts, make use of our content calendar for September 2022.

How to use the social media content calendar for September 2022?

There are a gazillion ways you can use the September content calendar. But no matter what theme you choose, keep these two #thngs in mind:

  1. Choose days that inspire you. Don’t pick a holiday at random and turn it into a social media post.
  2. Don’t forget to have fun. Pick days like “Talk Like A Pirate” (on September 19th) for more engagement. Your audience will love it.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s dive into how to make the most of the September content calendar 2022.

Theme 1: You can use each day we’ve listed in the social media calendar 2022 and create a post for each of them.

Theme 2: You stick to the most well-known and special days, like Teacher’s Day on 5th September or World Environment Day on 26th September.

Theme 3: Pick one theme for September and create content around it throughout the month. For example, September is National Yoga Month in India. If you’re a fitness blogger (click that link for a guide), you can post about yoga for 30 days!

Theme 4: Don’t want to commit to so many posts on one theme? Use the week-long social media calendar idea if you’re in India — National Nutrition Week, which falls from 1st September to 7th September.

Because all DYT creators are Indian, most days included in the social media calendar September for 2022 are from India. But, don’t let that stop you. If your audience lives elsewhere, pick days like the start of Oktoberfest to get your community fired up.

Social Media Calendar 2022 September

4 Tips for September content calendar 2022

We say this again and again. Only create what your community can relate to. If you’re a strong advocate of inclusive content, pick International Day of Sign Language (click that link for ideas).

Then post a storm about it on 23rd September. We know our favourite creator, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, will likely do it! Or you could use Hindi Diwas to publish hatke content.

How do you judge what type of posts your audience will love?

Put yourself in their shoes. Better yet, see the Instagram analytics of your previous posts to understand what fetched the most engagement.

And, oh, don’t forget:

  • We’re a mighty team, but still a small and human one. Dumb #thngs happen. So, double-check the days and dates of the September social media calendar.
  • This is not an exhaustive list of special days in September. It’s largely limited to India. Use it as a starting point and then run from there.
  • People love to see a local touch in their favourite creator’s content. So, if there are September calendar ideas like Onam, don’t sleep on them. Post. Post. And Post.
  • For unusual holidays in September or days like Welfare for Cancer Patients, get creative.

Wrapping up the content calendar for September 2022

Creativity dries up.

It’s normal. That’s why we started the #WhatToPost series, to help creators with ideas to fill up their content schedule. And if you’re still struggling with creating content, pick a day. Find an image that resonates with it. Overlay a quote on it and post!



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