What To Post: December Content Calendar For 2022

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4 min readNov 24, 2022

TL; DR: The What To Post series offers a cheat sheet for social media content using the special days in December 2022. Download it, pin it, or bookmark it. Just keep the content calendar handy for reference!

The #WhatToPost series is our way of helping content creators (and anyone else) looking for social media post ideas. Every month, we post a content calendar filled with special days that you can use to create content.

The blog post explains the December content calendar ideas and how to use the special days in the month so the content resonates with your community.

Using the December content calendar for influencers the right way

As always, we begin with a rubric. Not every special day in December is meant for you. Do not create content and post it on your socials around a date that has nothing to do with your niche.

Not all special days fit creators, and all of them will not fit all types of creators.

A perfect example is December 2nd which is Pollution Control Day in India and Popping Corn Day elsewhere in the world.

  • Choose Popping Popcorn Day as your content calendar idea if you want to become a food mega-influencer. Then make a post talking about Charles Cretors inventing the first commercial popcorn machine in 1885 on this day!
  • However, if you are interested in the environment, health, or sustainability, the idea you choose from the December content calendar is Pollution Control Day. Make a post about how the plunging AQI is dropping your IQ!
  1. Pick weird days from the content calendar

Another way to use the special days in the December content calendar is to create content around wacky days. You’ll be amazed at how weird #thngs get people talking. For example:

  • On December 2nd, Bartender Appreciation Day, raise a glass to your favourite bartender!
  • On December 16th, which is Jane Austen Day cause it’s the author’s birth date, tweet something funky because it’s a truth universally acknowledged that humour will get you more likes. This content idea is perfect for book influencers.
Jane Austen Day

2. Create a December content theme

A fantastic December content calendar idea is to select a theme and create a series of posts around it. Why? Well, because you have to brainstorm less and can post more.

Christmas is the obvious choice. Before December 25th, post about recipes, gift ideas, outfit ideas, and how to decorate your Christmas tree and home. After the 25th, use the Twelve Days of Christmas (from December 25 to January 5).

Two more theme ideas for December posts are Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Of course, create content around them only if you celebrate either of them.

3. Choose what rocks your boat

The trick to using the December content calendar to create posts is to select days that mean something to you.

  • If you have a friend or family member who served in the Navy, salute them on 4th December, Indian Navy Day.
  • Or if you’re into animals, talk about how cheetahs returned to India after years on International Cheetah Day — again 4th

December Content Calendar Cheat Sheet

Awfully nice thngs to follow with our December 2022 content calendar

We give you complete control over how you use the December content calendar.

Don’t love a special day listed on it? Ignore it.

Want to use all the days mentioned in the December 2022 calendar? Let the spirit guide you!

All we ask is that you double-check the dates. We’re a small (but mighty) team, so dumb #thngs happen at times. Also, this is by no means an exhaustive list of special days in December. Feel free to do your own research and add regional holidays, events, and festivals.

When creating content:

  • Make sure it follows your voice, tone, and style and matches what your followers expect.
  • Get creative for holidays like Winter Solstice (21st), Boxing Day (26th), and New Year’s Eve (31st).
  • If you run out of ideas for days like Human Rights Day (10th), Minorities Rights Day (18th), or Mathematics Day (22nd), find a cool image, overlay a relevant quote on it, and hit publish!

As ever, we leave you with one rule. It’s not important to fill your social media account with content. What’s more important is having fun and being authentic.



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