The M2S Series: Say Hi-ya To Bhavna Darira, DYT’s Business Head

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3 min readOct 8, 2022

It’s the people who make a company. There is an inherent truth in the saying. So, to introduce you to the pivotal people who make Do Your Thng, we present the M2S series.

Getting To Know The People Of DYT: Bhavna Darira

We’ve written about our founder, our tech lead, our mother of dragons and many of the other humans who make Do Your Thng.

Today, we paint a portrait of the woman whose existence made a material difference in our journey. Say hi-ya to Bhavna!

After working for the likes of Murjani Group, Aditya Birla, Reliance Communication, Ogilvy & Mather, and Hindustan Times for over 25 years, she ditched the corporate garb for a startup. Obviously, she’s wealthy in experience, stories, and, yes, years.

Moving right along, let’s get you better acquainted with her…

Her Official Designation

Bhavna’s formal title is the Head of New Business Development at DYT. The bridge between brands and the internal team.

Her Unofficial & Much More Important Position

For the world at large, Bhavna is the tightrope walker balancing the act of keeping clients, creators, and us happy. But in our eyes, she is the hostess with the mostest. The person who’ll do anything to get samosas delivered to everyone. In pouring rain. From millions of miles away (true story).

Her Monday Face

We? We wake up on a Monday and blunder through the day. It’s much like wandering around a haunted house, never knowing what new horror is around the corner.

Bhavna waltzes in with vigour: all energetic and “business lao yaar” attitude.

Her Friday Face

We’re not fans of Monday Bhavna. But we stan Friday Bhavna, when she is ready for some fun and party and has us in splits and stitches with her uncanny knack for telling stories.

What’s Her Bread + Butter?

The team is divided on what are the #thngs Bhavna cannot survive a workday. Half are adamant that it’s her glasses. Without them, she is blind as a bat and can’t read a word. The other half swears it is food. Not a day goes by when the remnants of her signature question, “What are you having?” don’t linger in the office air.

What The Team Thinks About Her

A consummate professional with a work ethic that is stronger than titanium. We may be guilty of hanging an out-of-order sign and calling it a day, a time or two, but we’ve never seen Bhavna abnegate work responsibilities. #TeachUsSensei

What The Team ‘Really’ Thinks About Her

She is the kindest soul and the biggest foodie you’ll meet. But what’ll steal your attention is the fact that she goes above and beyond to share her love for food with absolutely everyone, making you a part of her family.

What She Brings To Do Your Thng?

When Bhavna is not making money rain with all the new business she brings in, she lends flavour to our otherwise greige team. She is the cinnamon in our coffee, the masala in our chai and the gin in our tonic.

What DYT Brings To Her?

In Bhavna’s words, “Being one of the two people in the company with more grey tresses than black, I assumed I’d dealt with it all. But the diversity of people at DYT, most of whom are spread across the country, proved otherwise. I’ve learned far more in my tenure here than ever before.”

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