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Wiki says that the term ‘digital nomad’ was first used in 1997 by authors Makimoto and Manners. It described the revolutionary lifestyle change the evolution of the internet brought about. Today, digital nomads are found scattered around tech fields. Think web design, programming, online marketing, trading, or e-commerce.

What’s the hype about digital nomads?

The internet created the possibility to make money from anywhere (hello content creators, here’s looking at you!) Imagine getting paid while working from a stunning mountain top or sipping on margaritas on a beach.

People imagine that to be the life of a digital nomad. While it’s spot on (and sounds damn alluring) in some instances, it’s not a cakewalk. Remember, the grass always looks greener on the other side.

The lifestyle of digital nomads

The allure of becoming a digital nomad is in its lifestyle. The first aspect of the lifestyle is, obviously, travel. For many, not having a permanent home and being on the go at all times gives an adrenaline rush.

The second is location arbitrage, i.e., earning in a higher currency and spending in a weaker one. It gives digital nomads more buying power and a better standard of living than they would have back home. Countries like Colombia, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand are exotic places to live, and the cost of living is far lower than in countries like Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, and more.

Inspiration is another aspect. Living in different corners of the world and working remotely is an eye-opener. It allows you to explore more opportunities, live a completely different life, face problems more courageously, and hop on to trends before they cross borders. More importantly, you grow as a person because becoming acquainted with varying cultures can give you a fresh perspective on life.

And since being a digital nomad means being completely at home with social media, networking makes up a huge chunk of the lifestyle. Without a social presence, it can be challenging to earn the income necessary to live a comfortable travel lifestyle.

Fortunately, once you’re away from your comfort zone, there’s a natural tendency to mould yourself according to the environment around you. You tend to meet more like-minded individuals who share the same passion as you.

So, is being a digital nomad as rosy as it’s painted to be?

Living on the go has its pros and cons, like everything else in life. As a traveller, you get to see parts of the world that few have ever laid eyes on. You escape the shackles of the 9–5 and the complications that accompany it. As freelancers and remote workers, they can truly work their own hours, do whatever they want, and earn money from a variety of sources.

However, you must also have a steady internet connection if you don’t want to lose income. It is both a safety net and an absolute necessity. The other side of the fence also has unsteady returns and a constant need to acquire new clients.

But beyond all the peaks and valleys, the digital nomad lifestyle is pure beauty to the core for most who choose it. The feeling of liberty, the lack of quotidian monotony, and the clamour of always-on synchronous communication are irreplaceable.

Like many aspects of the digital nomad lifestyle, it’s not always a piece of cake. But for some, it’s worth the hassle anyway.

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