Why Creator Content Needs Value, Authenticity And Sentiment In 2021!

When your content has value, it brings more engagement, which helps rope in more brand collaborations!

What makes a content creator successful?

The ability to forge a human connection between their audience and the brand they are advocating.

How do you build that human connection?

When your values align with your followers and the brand you’re promoting. If there is no synergy between the brand and you, there is little point in collaborating. Why? Because values are the glue that holds it all together.

The Need For Value In Creator Content

The pandemic changed influencer marketing and the way creators make content. Instead of highly filtered and curated feeds, people wanted posts that were relevant and resonated with them. It meant generating authentic content with the right sentiment and value. And the trend continues in 2021.

But before we dive into why your content needs value and genuineness, let’s define value.

What does value in content mean?

Assume you are a creator who uses her platform to advocate green and sustainable living. A luxury brand with a fast-fashion line gets in touch with you for a paid promotion.

A collaboration between you two will not work. Why? Because you value making sustainable choices in life, and the same applies to your followers. The brand, on the other hand, doesn’t. Fast fashion is the very opposite of green living.

No matter how great your content is, it will not get double taps or shares because your values don’t align with the brand.

Collaborations have to make sense

This brings us to the first reason your content needs to have value.

The question you should always ask is — am I providing value to my followers. If the answer is yes, then the brand is a perfect fit.

Followers can identify a creator who promotes a brand just for the money in less than a second. That means no shares, no saves, no double taps, and no comments for you. With no engagement, getting more brand collaborations is impossible.

So, for a brand partnership to be successful, you must believe in the brand. When you are a brand advocate and not merely an influencer, it shines through in your content. The partnership between you and the brand suits the audience expectation, which brings in more engagement. And that brings in more collaborations.

No room for inauthentic content

The push for genuine content- where the values of the brand and creator match — is immense from consumers.

People don’t want to see blatant #ads. They don’t want product #giveaways. They want real people showing their real-life and suggesting real products, services or brands.

You are not an influencer for your audience. You are an online best friend whose honest content is not only relatable but reliable.

How do you become an online best friend? By getting rid of fake content. Create content or advocate brands that deliver value to your audience.

37% of consumers value greater authenticity in the content they see online

The key to an engaged audience is transparency and strong values. Transparency allows your followers to get to know you. And values help build trust, which plays a pivotal role in how influential your content is.

That’s why creators who have cultivated brand affinity or have a community that believes in a brand’s value get more engagement.

It shows consistency

Another reason you need value in your content is to show consistency. When your values are solid, you create content with the same messaging. So, both followers and brands know what to expect from you.

They don’t have to worry that a creator who advocates body inclusivity will suddenly start talking about Detox Tea. The steadiness of your values and content helps build long-term relationships with brands and followers.

Value in creator content is all but essential.

Social media platforms don’t put much merit on vanity interactions. Their algorithms now pay attention to saves and shares more than they do Likes and comments.

This has changed the definition of influence. It now means urging your followers to take action like clicking a link that drives more traffic to a website or swiping up for more sales.

Mere ‘influencers’ who’re nothing more than big follower numbers are out of the picture. Brands and audiences want content creators who produce content with authenticity and sentiment.

So, make sure that anything you put out there isn’t just for the sake of it. It must have actual value.

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