Which Social Media Platform Fits Your Marketing Goal?

Answering which social media platform fits your marketing goals

  • Visibility (E.g., a story registers the name of your brand in the mind of a viewer.)
  • Awareness (E.g., a viewer clicks on the link attached to the social media post.
  • Consideration (E.g., a user searches your brand online after stumbling upon it on social media.)
  • Recall (E.g., a consumer remembers that your brand is good for the ‘X’ thing.)
  • Purchase (E.g., a user buys your product or service.)

For brand visibility and awareness, pick Facebook

For brand consideration and purchase, choose Instagram

For recall and customer service, select Twitter

For brand authority, use Quora

For B2B marketing, choose LinkedIn

So, which social media platform to use to achieve your marketing goals?



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