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TL; DR: What To Post series brings you the October 2022 content calendar for social media. Download it, pin it, save it, or bookmark it — just keep it handy for reference!

It’s been four months to the #WhatToPost series, so we’ll get right to it. Ready to start planning your October 2022 content calendar? No, we’ve got content calendar ideas that’ll make social media posts easy.

Not that you’ll need much help.

October 2022 is chock-full of festivals in India, and so your calendar will already be filled with engaging content. But just in case you need a bag of inspiration, here’s our October 2022 content calendar.

What’s in our October 2022 content calendar for influencers?

There are plenty of special days in October (not counting festivals). All you have to do is pick the days that speak to you and your niche and then convert them into content.

  • If you regularly include grandparents in your content, like Radhika Devlukia, then create a post on International Day of the Older Persons (1st Oct).
  • If coffee is your #thng and Nescafe and Coffeeza are your constant companions, International Coffee Day (again on 1st) is your day.
  • If you’re always posting on the usual holidays, then don’t skip Gandhi Jayanti (2nd) and Dussehra (5th).
  • If humour and comedy are your thng, then we suggest posting a meme on World Postal Day (9th October) on snail mail going digital.
  • If you love publishing series (like us), pick weekly themes from the content calendar, like World Wildlife Week (2nd to 8th October).

As ever, these are just some content ideas to use with our October 2022 content calendar. You can pick and choose whatever rocks your boat and gets more engagement.

Cheat Sheet For October Content Calendar

Content Calendar 2022 , October Content Ideas

How to use the October 2022 content calendar for social media posts?

Legend has it that mistakes have a mysterious way of creeping up. You can check, double-check, and triple-check, but someone, somewhere on the internet, will tell you where you went wrong.

So, to all influencers, creators, and anyone else who uses our October 2022 content calendar for their social media posts, here are 4 #thngs to remember:

  • We’re a small but mighty human team. While we did check the dates of special days in October, we suggest double-checking. Some holidays, like Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (31st Oct) are limited to India.
  • Always, always, always pick days from the October content calendar that resonate with your followers. If you’re a finfluencer (finance influencer), World Thrift Day is a great time to talk about financial security.

(Psst: while the world celebrates it on the 31st of October, India observes it on the 30th because the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi passed away on the 31st.)

  • The October content calendar is not exhaustive. If you’re reading this from beyond our borders, feel free to research special days in October for your country.

Twitter has a great resource for a content calendar. You can choose the month, year and country to discover special days and get ideas for social media posts.

Wrapping up October 2022 content calendar ideas

Since it’s October, that means Diwali for us melanated content creators. This is a not-to-be-missed week of celebration that you must, must, must post about on social media.

Trust us, festive content gets tonnes of engagement.

You have a whole month left. Plan your content ahead of time, so that by the time Diwali comes around, all you have to do is publish the posts. And, oh, use all the 5 days of Diwali — Dhanteras, Chotti Diwali, Diwali, Govardhan, and Bhai Dooj.

Now go forth and do your thng with our October 2022 content calendar ideas!



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