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TL; DR: What To Post is a new series that offers cheat sheets for social media content. The November 2022 content calendar is filled with ideas on what to post for the month. Download it, pin it, or bookmark it. Just keep it handy for reference!

For those who are new here, the #WhatToPost series is our way of helping content creators (and anyone else) looking for social media post ideas. We release a content calendar each month listing the special days and how you can use them to create content. So, without further ado, let’s get to the November 2022 content calendar.

What’s in our November 2022 content calendar for influencers?

After a crammed October, November is going to give you some breathing room. There are special days in November 2022, but not so many that you’re scrambling to create content for social media.

Do note that the content calendar includes a lot of different important dates in November. Not all will fit creators, and not all will fit all types of creators. So, if you pick a hashtag holiday, make sure it matches your niche.

  1. There are wacky days like World Toilet Day on November 19th, use it to create content if you want people to engage with your social media posts. You’ll be amazed at how weird #thngs get people talking.

2. Ironically, International Men’s Day is on the same date. We’re not alleging anything, just laughing silently at the serendipity.

3. For content creators who love serial posts or create content in batches, pick the week-long special days in our November 2022 content calendar:

  • It’s World Kindness Week from the 7 to the 13th. Given the negativity on social media, take this as a chance to spread some love.
  • It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week from the 14 to 20th, and we think every creator should celebrate it because creators are solopreneurs! And if you need ideas on what to post on social media during that week, we say: talk about all the effort that goes behind content creation — brainstorming, storyboarding, ideating, finances, legalities, emails, and DMs.
  • Another way to use the ideas from the social media content calendar is to pick a day and then post about it throughout the month. For example, the 17th November World Prematurity Day is a wonderful way to spotlight an issue that is rarely spoken about openly in India. If you’re a dad or mom creator and have had a preterm baby, think about sharing your story.

4. For lifestyle creators or even food influencers, November 2022 content calendar has Vegan Day. Our ideas on what to post are simple:

  • Vegan food recipes
  • Vegan cosmetics
  • Vegan clothing brands
  • And how to be vegan posts

5. World Kindness Day #WKD is another hashtag holiday in 2022 that can be part of your November social media calendar. If you need inspiration for content, try:

  • Spread some love in your community
  • Share a compliment for a fellow content creator
  • Help a follower in need by giving a shoutout
  • Or just simply be nice in real life

As ever, these are just some content ideas to use with our November 2022 content calendar. You choose whatever rocks your boat and leave the rest of them out.

November Content Calendar Cheat Sheet

Tips for using the November 2022 calendar for content ideas

You have free rein to use the November content calendar. Don’t want to create content for a special day listed on it? Then don’t. Want to post something for all the days mentioned in the November 2022 calendar? Then do!

Whatever you choose to do, keep these #thngs in mind:

  • We’re a mighty team, but still a small and human one. Dumb #thngs happen. So, always double-check the days and dates.
  • Before you pick a special day for a social media post, imagine the content from your followers’ viewpoint. Will they like it? Is it in keeping with your voice, tone, and style? Don’t post about Halloween just because everyone else is doing it, if it doesn’t vibe with your content.
  • For unusual special dates in November, like World Hello Day (21st Nov), get creative. Posting about the 10 different people you greeted that day makes you more human and relatable.
  • This is by no means an exhaustive list of special days in November. Feel free to do your own research and add to it.
  • If there are regional holidays, events, festivals or special days that our November 2022 content calendar doesn’t mention, don’t be hesitant about posting. People love to see a local touch in their favourite creator’s content.

Wrapping up November 2022 content calendar ideas

We always say this. It’s not important to fill your social accounts and channels with content.

What’s more important is having fun and being authentic. These special days are a great way to fill your November content calendar, especially if you’ve run out of ideas.



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