What to Post: February 2023 Content Calendar

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4 min readFeb 1, 2023

TL; DR: The What To Post series offers a cheat sheet for social media content using the special days in February 2023. Download it, pin it, or bookmark it. Just keep the content calendar handy for reference!

The #WhatToPost series is our way of helping content creators (and anyone else) looking for social media post ideas. Every month, we post a content calendar filled with special days that you can use to create content for the next 30 (or 28 or 31) days.

This month, we share February content calendar ideas and how to use the special days in the month to generate content that your community just loves, loves, loves!

February content ideas to celebrate love and friendship

There are quite a few ways you can use the #WhatToPost series. The simplest is to track important dates in February 2023. The other is to pick the special days listed and create attention-grabbing content.

Some rules to make the most out of the February 2023 content calendar are:

  • Choose special days and holidays that are in sync with your niche and audience. It is no use posting about Black History Month if your audience is not interested in it.
  • For unusual hashtag days like World Radio Day, get as creative as you can.
  • Before you hit publish, double-check everything. While we do ensure that the dates and days are accurate, some holidays are just confusing. All we ask is that you do a Google search, and if you spot an error, let us know.
  • If Instagram is your poison, always look up trending hashtags. They’re the key to going viral.
  • And as ever, our content calendar for Feb is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to add your own regional holidays or celebrations!

February 2023 Content Calendar Cheat Sheet


Make the most of special days in February with a content calendar

February is full of events that you can use to create themed content. Valentine’s Day and Week are obvious examples. Here are some more special days that are a great place to get started and should trigger your creativity for posts.

  • World Nutella Day

Who here doesn’t love the hazle-nutty, chocolatey spread? So, is it really a surprise there is a day for it? If you’re mad over Nutella, use Feb 5 to post content around it. Don’t forget the #WorldNutellaDay and #NutellaDay hashtags.

It’s on February 7 and is a must for influencers and creators. Use it to teach the younger generation the etiquette of using social media. Include #SaferInternetDay and #SID2023 in your posts.

  • National Pizza Day

The day falls on February 9, smack dab in the middle of Valentine’s Week, but do not miss creating content around this special day. After all, pizza isn’t just food. It’s a love language. A tweet or Instagram story has the power to light up your engagements.

  • Galentine’s Day

13th Feb, the day before Valentine’s Day, is the day for honouring friendships with your girls. Made popular by the sitcom Parks and Recreation, it is a fun special day in February 2023 for creators to post on!

  • International Mother Language Day

Where are all the Bengali creators at? Mother Language Day (21st Feb) is the perfect time to flaunt Bangla content. But who says it has to be limited to one language. India has 234 recognised languages; go ahead and celebrate yours!

  • Random Acts of Kindness Day

Given the bullying and trolling on social media, if there is one special day in February that no content creator should sleep on, then it is this one. On the 17th of Feb, do something kind for a stranger and motivate your community to be compassionate to everyone online.

A great caption idea would be a quote on kindness like “In a gentle way, you can shake the world. — Mahatma Gandhi”

  • Heart Month

If you’re a creator in America, raise awareness around heart health by sharing videos or photos of how you stay healthy or posting heart-healthy recipes.

Get creative with February 2023 holidays and events

As ever, we leave you with one rule. Remember to have fun and be authentic while posting. If you need more help with creating content, check out the DYT app.

That’s a wrap for special days in February 2023!

Want early access to special days in March 2023 so you can brainstorm content ahead of time?

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