The M2S Series: Say Namaskāra To Deepak S Madambi, DYT’s Tech Lead

Deepak S. Madambi DYT Do your thng

Getting To Know The People of DYT: Deepak

Let’s paint a picture.

His Official Designation

If it wasn’t clear already, Deepak is the Technical Lead at Do Your Thng. To the Jimmys and the muggles, that means the go-to guy for all tech-related parts of our app and platform.

His Unofficial & Much More Important Position

For most of us, though, Deepak is the Dhaba Coder, the highway tech guy, and the main player on the daily Tech Catch-Up call.

His Monday Face

Monday begins with a smile for Deepak. But don’t let that fool you. Only part of the happiness is getting back to a product that he considers his adoptive child. The rest is for the long, long, long list of tasks he comes armed with for his team.

His Saturday Face

A smirk, a smile, and the impending doom of Monday Blues is how the work week ends for Deepak.

What’s His Bread + Butter

Legend has it that air, water, and food are what we need to live.

What The Team Thinks About Him

Supportive, reliable, cooperative, and tenaciously hardworking, Deepak is a 4-ply tissue with a magic touch. He can handle the often-chaotic tech team like a pro and never, ever, returns a 404 error when there is work to be done.

What The Team ‘Really’ Thinks About Him

A straightforward guy who knows how to work & chill. That is, until the gloves come off.

What He Brings To Do Your Thng?

If we got a penny to list down all the thngs Deepak brings to DYT, we’d be rolling in moolah. We tell you, rollin’.

What DYT Brings To Him?

In Deepak’s parlance, DYT gives him the gift of building what he wants, boxed in recognition and wrapped in happiness, with a bow called stress on top!

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