The M2S Series: Say Howzit To Mani Kiran Kumar Yechuri, Senior iOS App Developer

Getting To Know The People of DYT: Mani Kiran

Do Your Thng has championed remote working from day 1. If you prove to be productive, it doesn’t matter from where you are working or when you are working.

Do Your Thng

His Official Designation

Mani Kiran is the senior iOS app developer at DYT. As official as the position may be, it fails to do justice to his contribution.

His Unofficial & Much More Important Position

Mani Kiran is the go-to person and one-man army for all thngs iOS. The fact that he is the sole member of our iOS team is impressive. But what’s astounding is that it’s all self-learned.

His Monday Face

As a Type A personality with an introverted bent, when it comes to work, Monday for Mani Kiran begins with serious work mode on, ready to tackle what’s planned for the week.

His Friday Face

When you love what you do, every day is the same mood: jolly. But no man or woman on this earth doesn’t wait for the weekend, and Mani Kiran is no different. The work week ends for him with every task on his checklist completed.

What’s His Bread + Butter?

Someone in the DYT team had it bang on. Mani Kiran eats, sleeps, codes, repeats. So, it isn’t a surprise that the thngs he can’t survive without are:

  • His MacBook
  • Jira tickets (no work gets done without one)
  • War Room 2 (the standing Google meeting)

What The Team Thinks About Him

The most straightforward, private, supportive, and focused team member who will never say no and get the work done, but in his own time. Without batting an eyelash, if a task is going to take time, he’ll tell you how long it will take and why.

What The Team ‘Really’ Thinks About Him

Mani Kiran is the captain cool of DYT with the power to turn heated conversations into happy ones. You’ll never see him lose his calm, but you’ll see his sarchasm.

What He Brings To Do Your Thng?

The current incarnation of DYT’s iOS app. Without him, you’ll likely be using a different version. But that’s not the only thng he brings to the table. It’s because of Mani Kiran that the entire tech team now gets Saturday off.

What DYT Brings To Him?

Working for DYT has taught Mani Kiran how to deal with pressure and perform well at the same time. It takes a whole team of people to launch new features and keep perfecting the existing ones on Android. Mani Kiran does it all alone for iOS and does it better.



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