The M2S Series: Say Hi To Dea, DYT’s Content & Community Lead

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3 min readMay 19, 2020

It’s the people who make a company. As a startup, we are waking up to the inherent truth in this saying. To introduce you to the pivotal people who make Do Your Thng, we present the M2S series.

Getting To Know Person 2 Of DYT: Dea

The first impression you get when you clap eyes on Dea Srivastava is “She is unshakeable!

It is the truth. Even her voice is unassailable (as per the one remote team member who’s never met Dea but spoken to countless times).

You know the saying strength lined with tenderness is an unbeatable combination? We are pretty sure Maya Angelou had someone like Dea in mind when she said it.

But calmness in the face of utter chaos is not the only reason the head boss at DYT, Ankit, hired her. They bonded over their mutual love for all-things- alcohol.

FYI, Dea will 100% drink you under the table. Every. Single. Time.

Getting a hazy picture of her?

Moving right along, here are a few things about Dea to get you better acquainted…

Her Official Designation

On her business card (do those things still exist?) Dea is the Content & Community Lead at Do Your Thng.

She is the yin to the yang of DYT, the woman who manages every creative person at the office with the adroitness of a magician.

Her Unofficial & Much More Important Position

Remember the boss we mentioned before? Well, he isn’t. Yeah, yeah he made Do Your Thng (kudos, boss) but when you get down to the brass tacks, Dea is the head of everything in the company.

She is the Boss Lady.

Better known by everyone in the team as “Dea of the House DYT, and Mother of Dragons.

Her Monday Face

There are two types of people in the world — those who wake up after their third cup of coffee and the mythical morning person.

Turns out, she isn’t imaginary. She is real. Dea is she.

Even when she goes to bed at 4 am the night before, her morning face is annoyingly chirpy and fresh. (And, yes, we’re working on finding her secret. Once we have it, we’ll be posting it far and wide.)

Her Saturday Face

Is also her Sunday face, Tuesday face and every other day that ends with Y face. We call it “always in the office face.”

The plaster could be falling down the ceiling, and yet she would serenely go on about her tasks without a single worry line on her forehead.

What’s Her Bread + Butter?

Dal; she eats only dal all day, everyday.

Coffee; she doesn’t enter a meeting without a cup and reason number two our founder hired her.

Those are the two things she can’t live without. But cleanliness is a close third.

A speck of dirt here and there doesn’t matter, right? Well, just ask Shimona and her poor laptop on which Dea went-all-Monica!

What The Team Thinks About Her

At the DYT office, everyone feels Dea is a force of nature, an act of God, and something that will inevitably take its course.

Her boundless energy never abates and we are eternally grateful for it. Without her, all of DYT would be a blubbering mess.

What The Team ‘Really’ Thinks About Her

She sold her soul to the devil.

No one, we repeat, no one can reach these heights of multitasking prowess without some degree of Hadean intervention.

What She Brings To Do Your Thng?

She is the mortar that binds the loose bricks of our community. She is the rudder that steers DYT in the right direction. In short, she is Do Your Thng.

What DYT Brings To Her?

Dea says, “DYT brings to her a whole lot of challenges and exhausted 21 years olds! On a more serious note, it has taught me how to juggle ten different things and twenty variety of people without blinking an eyelid.”

And we agree, Dea deals with every snag, hiccup and hurdle like a total champ.

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