The M2S Series: Say Hey To Shyla, Senior Exec.

It’s the people who make a company. As a startup, we are waking up to the inherent truth in the saying. To introduce you to the pivotal people who make Do Your Thng, we present the M2S series.

Getting To Know Person 3 Of DYT: Shyla

So, we’re a bit emotional while writing this.


Moving right along, here are a few things about her to get you acquainted better…

Her Official Designation

Her Unofficial & Much More Important Position

You know that one person in the office you can go to knowing, just knowing that they’ll solve everything? That’s Shyla for us. A superwoman.

Her Monday Face

Her mere presence in our line of sight acts as a cognitive signal to get over our #MondayBlues.

Those were fancy words for: her face is ‘the warmest, happiest thing you have ever seen.

Her Saturday Face

The only difference? She’s now ready to spend some quality time selecting the perfect cake from Big Chill.

What’s Her Bread + Butter?

And where there is hot chocolate, there are cookies. Also, we did tell you about her Saturday cakes, right?

So, in a word — sugar. A lot of sugar. That’s what she survives on.

But the real answer is Shimona — the other half of Shyla.

What The Team Thinks About Her

Shyla is that exception.

She is the most loved person in the entire team, no-holds-barred. We opine it’s a medical impossibility not to like her.

What The Team ‘Really’ Thinks About Her

Those were fancy words for: without her, we’d all be handicapped.

And now that she is moving onto the next chapter of her life, it is going to be a damp, drizzly January in our souls.

What She Brings To Do Your Thng?

More than that, she is the patient person who will listen to each of us yatter and rant for hours on end.

What DYT Brings To Her?

And for that, she is grateful beyond words. DYT gave her a positive and cherished space to grow professionally. While there have been moments when she was ready to pull out her hair, at the end of the day, it became more than just a job.

For Some More Down And Dirty On Shyla:

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