The Black Hole That We’ve Become

Once upon a time, there was an explosion, and about 14 billion years later, here I am, beginning my article on Earth — an early product of the said explosion.

The third planet of the solar system, possibly the only one with life we were taught this in third grade. We were taught that life is precious. We were taught that we are more advanced than other animals, which makes us responsible for taking care of them. And yet, we failed to do that. Instead, we picked them up and put them in cages. We torched their homes, slaughtered them, sent them away to factories. We were taught to take care of plants, for they are life-givers; and we cut them and cleared forest after forest to build houses and roads. We were also taught to take care of our natural resources. And we dumped chemicals into oceans, dug up the Earth, and mixed smoke with the breeze.

We have failed the Earth for as long as we have existed and now the Earth is sick; sick of us and sick made by us.

Slowly, we started to realize the falling vitals of nature and decided to dedicate one day out of the 365 days of the year to taking care of it. For one day we let go of luxuries for one hour — we turn off the lights. For one day we paint “save trees” on paper made from the same trees and go around parading- nay, protesting- leaving the streets littered with all kinds of plastic from chocolate wrappers and straws to empty water bottles. Such is our love for nature; this day of love that we call Earth Day.

I believe we can do better, and as hard as being home has been these past few weeks, it has given us proof that if we want to, we can make a real difference. So let’s start the change here.

For one day, this year, let’s not go out on the streets chanting “save Earth” (you can’t anyway, you’re quarantined), instead check your bills. Check your electricity bill. Reflect on which appliances you can do without and discard them — mindfully, there are instructions on how to discharge electrical waste. Check your water bill. Turn off the tap while brushing; turn off the tap while washing hands, use a bucket instead of a shower, reuse water used in cooking and washing clothes. You can find ample easy ways of saving water on the internet. Do you smoke to bust stress? Try switching to yoga or therapy. These are much healthier, much less addictive, and prolong your life instead of cutting it short. Go around your house and look at every plastic thing you own — carefully. I guarantee you don’t need half of them. If every person on the planet cuts down a little on plastic, our oceans will be able to breathe again. Little changes in our lifestyle can make all the difference — it’s as simple as that.

This Earth Day, I can’t tell you to plant trees, but you can sow seeds in your backyard or even inside your homes and watch them grow (provided you take good care of them)! I can’t tell you to post stories on Instagram about protest marches to save Earth, but I can ask you to save Earth yourselves. We can together make every day Earth Day, every hour, Earth hour.

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