Should Your Social Media Bio Be Different On Every Platform?

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4 min readMar 20, 2022

Hell, yeah! It should be different.

Your social media bio should be different for every platform because each platform caters to different people. Your followers on Twitter are likely not the same as Instagram, and those will not be the same as YouTube. Yes, there will be some overlap, but not all your fans follow you on all socials.

Plus, each network is known for a different type of content, and your bio should reflect that. On LinkedIn, your followers might like to know how long you’ve been creating content and if you juggle it with a full-time job. On Instagram, on the other hand, people expect you to be funny and upfront with your thng.

The crux? Create a bio relevant to the platform.

Do Your Thng Instagram Bio and Profile

Why does a social media bio matter?

You had me at hello is not just a thing that Tom Cruise says in Jerry Maguire. It’s a truth that creators need to live by. When people land on any of your social accounts, they should be hooked on it from the get-go, and by get-go, we mean the bio.

It’s often the first thing people see. More than that, when users get to know about you for the first time, they always check out the bio. Why? Because it gives them more information, and that helps them decide if you’re worth following or not.

When you tailor your bio to fit each social media platform, you make it more engaging. You also increase the chances of a person tapping the follow button.

On the flip side, a sad, nondescript bio brings you nadda!

The golden rule of writing social media bio

Every platform should have a different social media bio. But that doesn’t mean they must be poles apart. Like with your content, some sort of consistency is crucial.

Our advice?

Create a style guide and follow it across networks, so your personal brand remains the same. Also, inject your voice and tone into each bio. When it mirrors your personality, more people connect with it. Take Kusha, for example.

Tips for writing Instagram bio (and Facebook and Twitter)

So, what rules should you follow when writing your social media biographies? Here are a few (other than to be consistent and not stale).

Instagram bio hacks

We’ve written a whole blog on how to make a great impression with your Instagram bio. But these are the critical tips because the IG bio has just 150 characters, and you need to make them count.

  • Be concise, but always tell your audience what type of content you create.
  • If you have additional accounts, tag them in the bio.
  • Make the bio fun and visual by adding emojis. But don’t use them just for the sake of it. Make sure they are on-brand for you.
  • Have a series of content with a unique hashtag and want your community to engage with it? Add your signature hashtag to the bio.
  • Add the link to your website, merch shop, or YouTube channel.

Tricks for writing a Facebook bio

Facebook bios are not in your face. You have to go looking for them. But that doesn’t mean people don’t. They do, especially when they land on the page for the first time. So, don’t sideline it.

  • Like Instagram, the character count is limited on Facebook bio. So, be brief. The best idea is to list down the niche you create content on.
  • Or make it impactful by adding some passion to the bio.

How to write Twitter bios

Twitter bios are essential. Let’s repeat that. Essential. Why? Because they make you more discoverable on search engines. Plus, they are the first point of contact for new followers. So, use those 160 characters to the best of your ability. Don’t half-a$$ the job.

  • Add a keyword so you become searchable on Twitter.
  • Make the bio fun. It’ll fetch engagement like nothing else.
  • If you use a unique hashtag, add it to the bio. One is enough.
  • Include your location. Brands often want to know where you are based when considering you for a collaboration.
  • If you have a website, YouTube channel, or merch shop, paste a link to it.

The crux of social media bio

It’s all about first impressions. In life and on social media.

And bios are how you make them on any platform, be it Instagram or Twitter. Write a great one (and a slightly different one) for each, and your online community will grow as fast as we do around our waists sitting here bingeing on creator content (and nachos)!



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