Personal Branding: Establish A Voice And Tone For Greater Organic Reach

What does personal branding mean for a content creator?

How to build your voice and tone for better organic reach?

What’s the difference between voice and tone?

Example 1 of tone:

Example 2 of tone :

What to keep in mind when establishing your creator voice

  • They should drive all your communications and interactions.
  • They have to be consistent across all social networks. Offering a warm and familiar tone on Instagram and a cold, severe one on YouTube confuses followers. And no one is faster at clicking the unfollow button than a confused audience.

Tips for creators to find a unique voice and tone

  • Parroting another established content creator is not the way forward. Cultivate your own voice and tone. To do so:
  • Make a list of adjectives (a massive one) that revolve around your personality. E.g. calm, bright, chirpy, peppy, informal, formal, fierce, faithful, delighted, clean, elegant.
  • Weed it down to ten adjectives, the ones that mirror you the closest.
  • Further, shave it to 4.
  • Now use those four adjectives repeatedly. From the web page to the ‘Gram, from an email to a brand pitch, these adjectives should be seen or heard everywhere you connect with your followers.
  • If you are new to content creation and unsure of your voice, then craft meaningful stories. When you tell a story, especially a true one, you are impassioned, and your voice and tone rise to the surface automatically. Make a note of it and then continue utilising it. Voicing an anecdote or using a real-life example works too.
  • If you need inspiration, then step out of your field. For instance, a lifestyle blogger can browse through a food creator’s IG to search for voice and tone. Exploring beyond your immediate competition offers a fresh perspective and ensures that you don’t pick the same old phrases and colloquialisms.

More creator tricks to building personal branding

  • The majority of social media users choose to follow creators on two factors
  • How does their content feel?
  • How kosher do they sound?
  • Ergo, be authentic. When you are natural and utterly relatable in your voice, it forms a deeper bond with the follower.
  • Don’t use jargon or slang just for the heck of it. If it feels forced and awkward, users will unfollow you. Can you imagine the Dalai Lama Instagramming from Dharmshala with #SpritiualGameOnPoint?
  • Always change your tone when addressing different audiences. Think of how you talk to a 3-year-old kid and a 55-year-old person. For each person you utilise a different tonality. The same applies here.
  • Using a great voice and tone to get traffic is nice. What’s nicer is a conversation with followers. To engage with them, include a meme, GIF, or emoji in your interactions once in a while.

Building personal branding with voice & tone: one size doesn’t fit all



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