What To Post: June 2022 Content Calendar

June 2022 social media content calendar for creators

You can use our June 2022 content calendar in all sorts of ways.

  • You can stick to one theme for 30 days. For instance, June is Pride Month. It’s also “adopt a cat” month and “great outdoors” month in the US. But if you’re into it, don’t let that dim your creativity.
  • You can also create content for individual special days in June. For example, if you advocate sustainability in all chapters of your life, post about World Environment Day on 5th.
  • On the other hand, if you’re a comedian or comic creator, pick wacky days, like National Statistics Day on 29th June, to make fun posts and engage your audience.
  • Then there is the usual content idea of making a big splash for well-loved and well-known days like Father’s Day on 19th June!
  • Pick days that your community can relate to and that are somehow connected to your content niche.
  • We’re a mighty team, but still a small and human one. Dumb #thngs happen. So, always double-check the days and dates.
  • This is by no means an exhaustive list of special days in June. Feel free to do your own research and add to it.
  • Regional content sells, so don’t be shy about posting it. Add in local events and holidays unique to your location, like Bada Mangal in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It is a great way to build community.
  • And when you’re fresh out of any ideas, simply post a quote that relates to the day in question and be done with it!

More content ideas for the June 2022 calendar

We say adios with 2 kicka$$ content ideas for the June 2022 content calendar.



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