How To Stop Procrastinating: A Practical Guide For Content Creators

How To Stop Procrastinating

What is procrastination?

It’s part of life. From the time we wake up till we go to sleep, we put off doing #thngs. Procrastination is a mental state that keeps you busy with instant gratification. Even when you know it’s important to create content, your mind keeps making excuses.

5 steps on how to stop procrastinating

First, you understand a fundamental #thng that explains why we procrastinate. Then you follow 5 simple hacks to beat it.

1. Stop yourself from overthinking

Let’s say you decide to finish 2 static Instagram posts over the weekend. You also have to attend a party on Saturday evening. Friday night, you think you’ll get up early and do the posts. You are motivated AF to carpe diem tomorrow.

2. Write down your goals

Our brain tries to avoid complications and hard #thngs. That’s why it’s easier to achieve a goal when you have a clear roadmap. So, that’s what you do to stop procrastination. You create a map by writing down your tasks.

3. Start with the easiest task

As I said, our brain doesn’t like hard work. Force it, and it will create different ways of distraction. So, the simplest trick to learning how to stop procrastinating is to enjoy what you do.

4. Focus on the process

Yes, continuous progress gives confidence. Each time you mark a task as completed, you’ll feel energetic. But that’ll take you only so far. There’ll come a time when you’ll want to fiddle with your phone. Check WhatsApp for just 1 minute (which turns into half an hour).

5. Reward your progress

Every action we take is broken into 3 steps: trigger, action, and reward. When you get an urge to do something, you take action, and as a result, you get a reward. And that reward drives you to do more.

You can’t learn to stop procrastinating in 1 day

No one can overcome procrastination all the time. We’re human. We all break down and become lazy at some point. That’s normal. But it shouldn’t come at the expense of your content and creator journey.



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