Decoding Dolly Singh’s Instagram Handle For Content Tips

Know the meaning of sellable content

Finding your footing as a content creator is hard. It’s not all about snapping a photo and hitting publish. You need to be authentic. And we don’t use that term nonchalantly. We mean it 100%! Your content has to be unique and consistent.

Build personas to help with content

You constantly hear “be authentic.” But what does that mean? Simply put, be just as you are. How do you do that?By claiming your tone and voice. An easy way is to create personas. For Dolly, those are Raju ki Mummy, South Delhi ki Suneeta and Guddi Bhabhi.

Make use of every feature

From Guides to Reels, there is a reason why Instagram has so many features. It helps reach a wider audience because not everyone likes the same type of content. One look at Dolly Singh’s Instagram tells you that she follows this rule religiously. Stories, highlights, Reels, IGTV, Guides, and, of course, static posts — she creates a mix of content to cater to a variety of followers.

Be ready to be a one-person army

The BTS of content creation is intense. You need a script. You need a good camera. You need editing tools. And, obviously, you need overall production. Dolly has said on record that she used to produce her own Instagram and YouTube videos. For creators who are just starting out, it means being a one-person army who does it all, from writing captions to editing videos.

Create with other content creators

This is a content tip that occurs with the regularity of a leitmotif. Almost every creator we’ve picked as part of our #DecodingInstaHandles series uses it. Collaborate and work with other content creators (here’s how you can reach out to them) like Dolly often does with Komal Pandey.

Tell your life story (even when it’s not pretty)

As we said before: authenticity is key to rising as a content creator. Establishing your tone is one way of achieving it. Another is sharing your life story with the community — even when it is not glamorous and especially when it speaks about sensitive issues that need to be normalised.

Use your outsized voice to promote not just brands but causes

Dolly, who comes from Nainital, shares copious stories of her hometown. But she goes beyond that. She uses the power of her 1.4 million followers to offer help when needed. During and after the lockdown, she published posts on how people could help donate meds and oxygen cylinders.

More content tips for Dolly Singh

These tips are not from her Instagram but picked from interviews she’s given over the years. To bloggers, she says to focus on what you want to do through the blog. Don’t focus on what others are doing.



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