Content Ideas For Creators To Bring All The Festive Feels & Engagement

’Tis the season: holiday post ideas for creators

  • How-to posts never go out of fashion
  • Recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year parties
  • Posts that include gift ideas
  • Share photo tips
  • Use add yours sticker on Stories
  • Listicles on blogs and carousel on IG
  • Give your feed a holiday revamp
  • 12 posts for 12 days of Christmas
  • Livestreams for a virtual holiday
  • Limit your sponsored posts
  • One, creating too much content will lead to burnout, and you do not want that.
  • Two, if your feed is just a roll call of #sponsoredcontent, your engagement will drop. Think about it this way: would you binge-watch Stranger Things if half of it was ads? We suggest keeping 25% of your posts branded and the rest organic.
  • Three, it is the holiday season after all and the end of the year. You should have some free time to celebrate and unwind!

Putting the bow on holiday post ideas



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