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4 min readSep 12, 2022

These are the best influencer campaigns that we’ve run on Do Your Thng in 2022. If you’re looking for content that sizzles, sparkles, and dazzles, this is it.

Influencer campaigns 2022

With each passing day, the number of brands recognizing the influence of influencers on users is growing. So, is the number of influencer campaigns.

Simply collaborating with creators doesn’t cut it anymore. To rank in the top influencer campaign list, marketers need to turn drab into dazzling.

This is where DYT (Do Your Thng) comes into the picture.

Our influencer marketing platform links brands with the right influencers, bridging the gap between expectations and towing campaigns to the heights of success.

The best influencer marketing campaigns by DYT

Of the many recent influencer campaigns on DYT, finding the four best was hard. So, we hand-picked the top from 4 different types of influencer campaigns.

1. Charmis Face Serum Awareness Campaign

Charmis is amongst one of India’s top brands manufacturing skin care products. Its skincare range is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.

For its newly launched Charmis Anti Acne Face Serum and Charmis Super Hydrating Face Serum, the brand wanted to generate more awareness. Since nano and micro-influencers have the deepest reach, for the beauty influencer campaign, DYT roped in 60 creators across 3 categories to create reels and static posts on Instagram.

With 99 content pieces, we delivered over 2,221,570 engagements when we’d committed to a mere 800,000. All at a meager ₹0.2 Cost Per Engagement (CPE).

Here are some key statistics from this hugely successful micro-influencer campaign:

  • Reached a total of 2,408,084 users
  • Gained over 2,000,000 views
  • Post saves: 13,603
  • Post shares: 11,598

2. Wikipedia #KnowWithWiki Challenge

In terms of traffic, Wikipedia is the 4th biggest website in India, yet only 31% of Internet users in the country are aware of it, and merely 35% of internet users are its readers. In light of these numbers, the brand wanted to expand its consumer base by generating awareness about its value amongst Gen Z.

So, Wikipedia executed its first-ever influencer campaign in India through the Do Your Thng platform. Since the target audience was broad, the collaboration included influencers from different niches such as entertainment, body positivity, history, etc. We picked it as the best influencer campaign for its humongous impact.

In less than 9 days and 27 content pieces, including reels and interactive stories, the Instagram campaign got over 1.9 million views and 2.44 million engagements.

3. Sprite #ThandRakh Campaign

Sprite is a popular soft drink manufactured by the Coca-Cola brand. Its unique lemon flavor has been people’s favorite for a long time and makes it stand out in the category. After the launch of its #ThandRakh TV commercial, the brand wanted to amplify it.

In this era, where social media dominates the world, running a TVC just isn’t enough. So, Sprite decided to run an influencer campaign to cement the #ThandRakh thought in people’s minds.

DYT hand-picked 5 comic and entertainment creators from their community of influencers for their tongue-in-cheek humor. And it turned out to be one of the best micro-influencer campaigns with record-breaking reach and engagement.

  • Total reach of 2.5 million
  • Total engagement of 3.5 million
  • At a cost per engagement of just INR 0.68

4. Tata Sampann Spices and Staples #IndianThali Campaign

Tata’s products are ingrained in the Indian household. Their staple food range is well known, but the brand sought to redesign the awareness and reach.

When it comes to staple foods and spices, the Indian consumer prefers unbranded over branded. Loose products account for 30 to 80% of sales simply because they are lighter on the consumer’s pocket. But post-Covid, people cultivated a taste for banded pulses and staples because hygiene and safety became potentiating ingredients.

Tata Sampann wanted to take advantage of this conversion and get customers to switch from generic to their brand’s staples. For their spices, the aim was broader than simply spreading brand awareness. They wanted to capture a share in the spice category from regional players and establish a national brand.

To that end, they ran an influencer campaign through DYT. After thorough vetting, including a sanity check for past collaborations with competitors, close-knit online communities, and high engagement rates, Tata collaborated with 4 influencers.

With 8 high-quality content pieces, the top influencer campaign got delicious results: a total reach of 4.09M and a combined engagement of 1.86M.

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